Liberty 150 S

4 390 EUR

Form and substance

The Piaggio Liberty S 150 ABS is the big brother of the family; the most elegant, captivating and top performing sibling. It’s also the sporty brother to its twin and as with the other Liberty “S” models, it is easily recognisable by a host of special details, from its wheel rims, mirrors, luggage rack and other components all in black, to the stylish red-stitched seat. As with the other Liberty models, it’s not all about looks, but functionality is important too.
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4 390 EUR
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Safety first

Nothing has been left to chance when it comes to safety: the wheels of the Piaggio Liberty S 150 ABS are 16” and 14” respectively, the braking system is made up of a 240-mm front disc and a rear drum and also includes a front-wheel-only ABS refined by Piaggio together with Bosch, the world’s leading manufacturer of automotive components. Safety and reliability guaranteed.

Travel in comfort

The seat of the Piaggio Liberty S 150 ABS, with its eye catching and sporty red stitching,  is noteworthy for its roominess, making it extra-comfortable if you’re travelling in two. Passengers will also enjoy being able to place their feet on the extractable foot pegs which fold neatly away into the sides of the scooter.

Plenty of storage

There’s no shortage of space on board the Piaggio Liberty S 150 ABS: there’s room for a small piece of luggage on the footboard whilst in the rear of the shield you’ll find a lockable glove box, activated by the ignition switch, and under the seat (accessed electronically via a button) there is a compartment large enough to easily hold a full-face helmet.

Standout details

The electronic instrumentation is made up of a classic analogue speedometer together with a more modern elegant blue LCD display which contains the fuel level, odometer and clock, while the mix of glossy and matt black body details leave you in no doubt that the Piaggio Liberty S 150 ABS is a truly sporty bike.