Zip 50 S Euro 5

3 390 EUR

(Also available as 25 km/h version)

Plenty of storage

Plenty of thought has been given to delivering practicality beyond expectations. Under the seat you’ll find a spacious compartment which can hold a full-face helmet. Last but not least are the handy bag hook under the handlebar and the lockable glove box, neatly integrated in the rear shield.


Its captivating looks and sporty spirit, characterised by the bold front with elongated optical components, mean you will cut a dash wherever you go, whether zipping around town or heading off the beaten track.


With its adjustable seat offering three heights (750, 765 and 780mm), the Zip 50 S can be adapted to your height for greater riding comfort. It also makes for safer travelling as it is easier to find the ideal position for resting your feet on the ground when the bike is stationary.