Medley 150

51 900 NOK

Technologically savvy

Nippy and agile, the Piaggio Medley 150 i-get delivers 12.4 kW of power, making it one of the most potent in the medium high wheel segment, without compromising fuel consumption. It also sports a new total-LED instrument panel, making it easy and safe to keep everything under instant control.
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51 900 NOK
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360° safety

There really is safety in numbers. In this case, it’s the wheel diameter with 16” up front and 14” at the rear, delivering an exceptionally stable and pleasurable ride. The Bosch dual-channel ABS anti-lock braking system adds yet another level of safety and reliability, and topping it all off is the introduction of traction control for improved aherence on low-grip surfaces.

All the mod cons

The new totally LCD instrument cluster ensures you have everything you need at close hand, for easy, safe access. There’s more smart technology in the form of Piaggio MIA, an optional feature which connects your Smartphone via a Bluetooth helmet to the handlebar controls, allowing you to manage calls, music and voice commands without taking your eyes off the road. What’s more, it also offers Follow Me Home, Bike Finder and a seat opener function, also accesible with a touch of your fingers on your phone.


The Stop-Start system used by the Piaggio Medley 150 i-get is named RISS (Regulator Inverter Start&Stop System) and is designed so that the engine automatically turns off within 1-5 seconds of stopping. A truly intelligent way to reduce fuel consumption.

The power of curves

The inviting curve of the front is perfectly set off by the tapered rear to create a more dynamic, functional look. With the fuel tank tucked under the footwell, there’s a large underseat compartment which can take two full-face helmets, a revolutionary feature in a high-wheel bike.