Piaggio MP3: more than just three wheels


Three wheels, ABS and ASR

The Piaggio MP3 range comes with ABS anti-locking braking system which has integrated ASR traction control as standard. The ASR can be easily disconnected and guarantees safety by keeping the rear wheel from slipping on dangerous surfaces like wet asphalt. The three channel ABS system, developed in collaboration with Continental, maximises safety by preventing wheel locking and providing full control of the vehicle at all times.

Built for two!

The saddle on the MP3 is now even more comfortable.  Redesigned with the passenger in mind it now features a new back rest, grip handles and practical fold away foot pegs.  The MP3 really is the ideal companion for those who enjoy travelling together.

Perfect for long trips

The front articulated quadrilateral suspension system and double front wheel are what make the MP3 so distinctive and unique.  Riding the MP3 is like no other scooters, offering cornering stability and excellent road handling, even on wet asphalt or in poor conditions.

Elegant and modern

The epitome of metropolitan elegance, its unique character make the MP3 stand out in the commuter crowd and its new design now turns even more heads with its ultra-efficient LED daytime running lights.

Piaggio MIA

As standard on the MP3 300 HPE Sport, the Piaggio MIA multimedia platform connects your smartphone to the bikes electronics system and transforms it into a powerful data tool that will enable you to access maps and analyse your travel.


The split-level seat has been designed to provide excellent lumbar support to the rider whilst offering a safe and easy resting position when stationary.  Other useful features include a handy lockable glovebox with USB charging socket.

Modern, sporty design

A bold front chassis which tapers to create a slim and lightweight rear. Recognisable by its distinctive front tie which brings together the grill and the light weight smoked front shield.  The Sports model boasts matt black paint work and striking shock absorber springs.

Single-cylinder 300 hpe

The new four-stroke, four-valve, liquid-cooled 300cc HPE (High Performance Engine) with electronic injection delivers maximum performance and greater fuel consumption control.

Roll Lock

One of the most unique features of the MP3 range is the Roll Lock System which does away with the need to use a kick stand when parking and also means you don’t have to place your feet down when you come to a stop.

A true super-power

MP3 500 HPE Sport Advanced

Powered by a single-cylinder 500 HPE engine. With 4-valve liquid cooled electronic injection and Ride-by-Wire multi-map electronic acceleration system – providing performance and reliability.

As standard this version of the MP3 also comes complete with LED front headlights and a reverse gear, making parking and manoeuvres easier than ever!